Douglas Ashton

Research Positions


Selected Skills.

  • Problem solving: Constantly solving mathematical problems, working out the relevant physics and debugging code.
  • Algorithm design: Cluster algorithms, biased sampling, network traversal, simulated annealing, parallel temporing and many more.
  • Programming: C++, Python, Bash, Mathematica.
  • Large scale computing on HPCs, analysing large amounts of data.

Teaching and Mentoring.

  • University of Bath 2013: Problem Solving skills. 6 weeks plus project work.
  • University of Bath 2013: 5 week lecture course on complex analysis.
  • University of Utrecht 2012: Organised a group journal sharing scheme.
  • University of Bath 2008-11: Designed and led a workshop on presentation skills for postgraduate students. Ran undergraduate problems classes in quantum mechanics. I also organise the theory group meetings, providing advice for the postgraduate presentations.
  • Non academic: RYA qualified sailing instructor.